Vlad Alive

Vlad Alive

Work Showcase: GymCloud

Project Background

  • Idea: Platform for fitness professionals and their clients to perform personally designed workouts and exercises
  • Founders were solving the industry problem, being end users of the product
  • MVP was in development during 1 year

My Role

Initial intention to join the team was simply to become yet another developer. But that was extended quickly to something even more valuable. CTO-like position.

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Code Quality Improver
  • Team Lead
  • Hiring Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • QA Establisher
  • Design Critique

The Problem

  • Single monolithic application repository
  • Multiple technologies and frameworks were used
  • Architecture was hard to extend and support
  • Abandoned features and pieces of codebase were present
  • There were no specific code quality requirements
  • Tasks assigned to developers lacked behavior details
  • Development tasks were roughly estimated without enough planning

Problem-Solving Approach

  • To establish reliable workflows for the development team
  • To set high level for the code quality
  • To reduce the technical debt
  • To build extendable architecture
  • To establish Quality Assurance

Improvement Actions

In Workflows

  • Development workflow was established based on pull requests with mandatory code reviews
  • Writing user behavior scenarios in Gherkin language
  • Performing manual QA after deploying to staging server before the task acceptance
  • Daily routine was established for development team to deliver predictable output
  • Developers started to give feedback to design team
  • Strict tasks management workflow in Trello was established

In Automatization

  • Continuous Integration workflow was set up to deliver the code to staging and production servers
  • Automated code linters were set up to check the syntax of JavaScript and Ruby code
  • Deployment platform was changed from Heroku to Digital Ocean VPS to reduce costs and increase flexibility
  • Notification for incidents on production server were set up

In Technology

  • Application codebase was reviewed to identify working features and code
  • 4 new application codebases were built from the scratch: api server, web application, landing pages application and mobile application
  • Previous code repository was totally replaced with the 4 new repositories
  • Usage of Angular was totally dropped on web app, giving preference to Backbone.Marionette
  • Plain HTML and CSS were converted to cleaner syntax of HAML, SASS, Jade, LESS

Used Technology

  • API server app: Ruby on Rails, Grape
  • Web app: Backbone Marionette, Backbone StickIt, Jade, SASS, CoffeeScript, WebPack
  • Mobile app: Ionic, PhoneGap, Angular 1, Jade, LESS
  • Landing pages app: Ruby on Rails, HAML, SASS
  • Continuous Integration: CodeShip, Heroku, Dokku, Digital Ocean

The Results

  • Increased the Quality of development workflows, platform architecture, written code, prepared requirements, task estimates
  • Increased the platform stability
  • Reduced the technical debt
  • Increased the development flexibility and the ease of extending the platform
  • Development team became reliable, involved, and more organized
  • New features were delivered
  • Tons of bugs were fixed
  • Project was prepared for the launch

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