Vlad Alive

Vlad Alive

Software Engineer

Consultant 💼

Your “go-to” technology guy. Interim CTO for hire. Helping startup founders and business owners to develop and implement technology strategies.

Developer 👷

Architect. Engineer. Builder. Obsessed with Quality and Innovation.

Self-Starter 🚀

Entrepreneur. Founder of Ruby Cluster.

Idea Machine 💡

Restless mind. Ideas generator. Focused on the solutions. Improving everything. 1% improvement every day.

Author & Creator 🍼

Problem Solver 🔓 🔑

Love to work close with fearless people who have a grand plan to make this world a little better. Best at coming up with roadmaps, solutions and action plans. Helped startups to prototype their ideas and launch MVPs.

Learner 📚 📰 🔬

Long time ago started as a HTML/CSS code monkey web master, then seduced by “Ruby on Rails” web app development, got even deeper with JS frameworks like Backbone and Marionette. Currently into Vue.js. Now bootstrapping and managing development teams.

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