Vlad Alive

Vlad Alive

Full retrospective code review

Who needs it?

You need it if you are:

1. CEO, Startup Founder or Project Manager, who want to identify the quality of written code by developers or to audit the efforts and results of your development team

2. CTO or Development Team Lead, who want:

  • to reduce the technical debt
  • to make the code easier to read, maintain and extend
  • to adopt best industry practices
  • to find weaknesses in the code architecture
  • to develop the common coding approach for the whole team

3. Software Engineer who want to write code better

My ultimate goals of doing full retrospective code review

  • to identify the problems preventing from a good progress
  • to propose solutions for improvement
  • to get the development team on the same page
  • to reduce the cost of change requests in the future

These types of issues will be exposed during the code review

  • code readability
  • code style consistency
  • development best practices
  • files and modules structure
  • code internal dependencies
  • updated external dependencies
  • building, compilation, and deployment
  • security vulnerability

What’s supported and covered? (work scope)

  • covered code: one code repository
  • languages: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS

Supported Code Syntaxes:

Supported Frameworks and libraries:

How we will work together (steps)

  • We are signing the NDA (if required)
  • I’m getting the initial information about project
  • I’m getting access to the code
  • You’re making the payment
  • I’m doing the Code Review
  • I’m delivering the results
  • You’re asking questions and providing feedback
  • You’re executing the action plan for improvements

What will you get? (results)

  • Code review performed by a senior software engineer
  • Detailed analytic report
  • Pull-request with the inline comments
  • Action plan to resolve the issues

Ready to start?

Ask me for code review