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Vlad Alive


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Retrospective analytics


  • Understanding business goals
  • Translating business goals into actions using technology
  • Outlining roadmap for projects and new features
  • Translating requirements into user stories
  • Setting up team collaboration workflow

Quality Assurance (QA) and Development Operations (DevOps)

  • Establishing disaster prevention strategy
  • Establishing manual QA process
  • Establishing automated QA process
  • Setting up continuous integration workflow
  • Setting up code style guide
  • Setting up automated code quality linters
  • Setting up testing suite
  • Daily code review


  • Migrating platform to a newer version
  • Regular updating platform dependencies

Managing People

  • Recruiting, Hiring and Firing
  • On-boarding new hires
  • Establishing team culture
  • Coaching software engineers
  • Distributing tasks among team members
  • Tracking team progress

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